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  • About Us

    We are preparing the post-corona new normal in aviation

    We are preparing the lives under the returning threat of communicable disease. Also, we are thinking of the freedom of safe travel as the given right of the people.

    Integrated solutions

    Complete germ control at the airlines and the airports is our urgent task to solve not only for the national health and international activities but also for the sound economy and social stability.

    Recommended practice

    Innovation for everyone is our prime goal.

    Our working group is consolidating the scenario-based recommendations

    for airlines, airports, passengers, crew and regulators with target quarantine and safe travel process.


    Best solution is our mission. New Norm is our service. 3 leading companies joined together to set up the collaborative bio-platform as the total solution provider. Our constant innovation is for safe travel of Everyone.

    Contact us

    Address : 10th floor, Pyeonggwang building, Taegyero-243, Chung-gu, Seoul 04559

    Phone : +822-6677-3104
    Fax : +822-6677-3105

    E-mail : ahn@safeflight.kr

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